Howdy! I will try to keep this as simple and sweet-ish as I can. My name is Briana Contreras and I’m an undergrad at Cleveland State University. I currently write for a school newspaper publication called the Cleveland Stater, I’m an editor of the Opinion section in another called The Cauldron and I now intern for a Cleveland Cavaliers sports blog-site called Cavs: The Blog!

I plan to graduate this spring with my Bachelors in Journalism and Promotional Communication. I aspire to become an on-site news reporter for sports and arts/entertainment mainly, but all things in general. I chose this career to share my passion for sports, arts and my interest in learning about all that the world has to offer. My goal is to share news with the world in all aspects to not only inform viewers, but to give them a different and unique look on life itself. Throughout my time as a JPC major, I’ve learned that there are many different ways through media and it’s platforms to where I can complete this goal and share my views.

SO, with that being said I’ve created this blog to share my passions, views on certain life situations and solely all things that make me who I am in order to affect my viewers in a positive way! I will also happen to squeeze in my weekly blogs posted from my internship to share my enthusiasm about the Cavaliers with you all!

Hope you enjoy,

Briana ;D


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